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Toyota To Repair 650,000 Priuses

Toyota has announced they’ll be recalling repairing 650,000 Priuses sold between 2004 and 2007 due to a faulty coolant pump. The worlds largest carmaker has been plagued with recalls over the past 12 months and is resisting calling this latest snafu a recall, instead referring to it as a “customer satisfaction” program. Lanjut →

EPA: The Volt Beats The Prius In MPG Ratings

The EPA has published ┬áit’s fuel economy figures for the Chevy Volt and Volt fans will rejoice – the car achieved 93 mpg combined city/highway in electric mode, 35 mile range on battery, 37 mpg on gas-only power, 379 miles of total range. Total combined EPA estimate is 60 mpg, that’s better than the 2011 Toyota Prius. Lanjut →

Tesla Shares Have Now Doubled In Value Since IPO

Tesla shares went live in June 2009 at an initial price of $17 USD per share, that value has now over doubled to $35.32 per share, a feat made all the more impressive by the fact that Tesla has yet to turn a profit. The reason for the overwhelmingly positive investor sentiment around the company is the high-level of faith large automakers like Toyota and Daimler-AG have in the plucky California start-up with Toyota recently paying over $60 million USD to Tesla to electrify 2,000 RAV4 SUVs. Lanjut →

Exclusive: Brammo Takes Hong Kong By Storm

Brammo made a significant appearance at the annual Hong Kong bike show yesterday, the massively popular Brammo bikes quite literally took the show by storm to the point I had to apply rugby scrum tactics to get through the crowd and get some pictures. When I got through the crowd of photographers the above image is the first thing I saw, I was of course immediately concerned that the ladies high-heel-shoes might scratch the Brammo Enertia’s paintwork… Lanjut →

Racing Green Endurance completes its 16,000 mile 100% electric Pan-American Highway journey

The team at Racing Green Endurance have pulled it off, driving 16,000 miles (26,000km) from the tip of Alaska down to the bottom of South America, all whilst driving an electric sports car more at home on the racing-track than the dirt-track. Making their trip all the more impressive. Lanjut →

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