BREAKING – The Lightning Car Company Bids For Additional Funding

The Lightning Car Company today announced an additional stage of financing with the aim of raising an additional 15.5 million pounds (that’s about $24.4 million USD). The funds will be invested in completing the final two phases of the Company’

s evolution, programme development and technical validation, taking the Lightning GT to full production as early as Spring 2012 (which in electric car manufacturer terms actually means autumn 2015).

The manufacturers specifications for the Lightning GT are impressive;

The Lightning combines high end performance and a real world operating range with a luxury finish. The initial rear wheel drive launch car, driven by a German sourced powertrain with twin inboard-mounted electric motors, will deliver:

  • 400 BHP at the wheels
  • An acceleration of 0-60mph in under 5 seconds
  • A governed top speed of 125mph
  • A touring range of over 150 miles, which can be boosted to 225 miles with an optional range extender.

We don’t have any official word on who will be supplying the “German sourced powertrain” however the rumourmill is indicating that it will be E-Wolf, a company that has gone from producing small electric racing cars to producing trucks, vans, scooters and lambo-esque electric hypercars.

Lightning is claiming that they have 3 million pounds worth of pre-orders, that’s an impressive number considering the company was founded in 2007 mere moments before the global economy had a panic attack and self-destructed.

Lightning plan on building 250 of the electric cars each year in conjunction with Coventry Prototype Panels in the UK, the numbers will be strictly limited to 250 per annum, a number which should be easily achievable if the car that goes on sale in 2012 has the claimed specifications and keeps the critically acclaimed styling.

If you’d like to invest in Lightning or just read more about the company, head over here. As always we’ll update with more news as it becomes available, should you be interested you can download the full official press release here.

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