The Nissan Leaf Does 0-60MPH In Just 7 Seconds

A motor journalist has apparently dropped the clutch (figuratively) in a new Nissan Leaf and reported back with some figures, 0-60mph is a 7 second affair and he managed to get it up to 92mph (on a public road no less!). Both of these stats were set with a passenger in the car meaning that the Leaf might be capable of a little more, but just a smidge.

To give you an idea of how quick that is the Chevy Volt has a reported 0-60 time of 8.8 seconds, the Toyota Prius does it in 9.8 seconds, the Honda CR-Z Hybrid does it in 8.3 seconds and the Tesla Roadster does it in 3.7 seconds. This means that the Leaf is actually pretty quick for a green car, we’ll learn more as the Leaf becomes more widely available and someone throws one around the Nürburgring (hopefully me) but all in all, 7 seconds is a respectable time for a non-performance orientated, 4-door eco car.

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Via Edmunds

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You know, with a lighter body and sports suspension this thing could be a real sports car. How about a 2 door coupe version Nissan?

Not sure where this car fits in though. Buyers who would go for the styling probably aren’t too concerned with 0-60 times.

I think the CR-Z is really aimed at the hybrid buyer who wants “sport” in the mix. I am sure Honda will be releasing a R or Si version of the CR-Z considering how much they are pushing the sporty aspect of the car.

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