George Clooney’s Electric Car (With Twice The Torque Of A Dodge Viper)

Aren’t electric motors great? You can pack cruise ship levels of torque into something the size of a fat person in a poncho on a Vespa. The Tango T600 is made of carbon fibre, has a 200mph SCCA/NHRA rated roll cage, has twin electric motors that produce over 1,000ft-lbs of torque, it can beat a Tesla Roadster in a 1/4 mile drag race at 120mph and it has a top speed of 130mph.

Now there are some drawbacks, it’s pretty narrow which may be good for lane splitting and aerodynamic efficiency but it’s lousy for cornering. The car is also a little bit on the pricey side at 108,000 clams, although to be fair the company is working on a new, far less expensive model called the T200.

There’s a video below of the Tango T600 beating the Tesla Roadster in a drag race and the Tango clearly wins, it’s hard to mess up a drag race in an electric car as there is no gear shifting, you just hit the gas pedal and clench. The Tango has also resoundingly beaten Shelby Cobras and Corvettes on the 1/4 mile black top. This could be the ultimate sleeper car really, it looks like a Smart Car but it can embarrass a toupee wearing Ferrari driver at the lights. Sounds like a bucket of fun.

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Via Commuter Cars

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I like the specs and hate the look. Why the fuck would you spend 108,000 on this when you can buy a Tesla Roadster that actually looks cool for 109,000? Retarded!

@MBayliss – I reckon the only reason to buy one is if you’re rich and you want to cruise around embarrassing Ferraris like the guy said. That would be killer fun!

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