Which Of These 6 Electric Cars Would You Buy In 2011?

2011 is going to be the busiest year in history for electric cars, both Tesla and Fisker are due to launch their revolutionary 4 door luxury autos with established industry players like GM, Nissan and Ford all releasing at least one electric car each for the North American market. The only question now is, which one do you want?

Tesla Model S – 160 – 300 mile range – $57,400 USD (before tax breaks)

Fisker Karma – 50 mile range electric / 300 mile range combined – $87,900 USD (before tax breaks)

Chevrolet Volt - 40 mile range electric / 350 mile range combined – $41,000 USD (before tax breaks)

Ford Focus EV – 100 mile range – $36,000 USD estimated (before tax breaks)

Nissan Leaf – 100 mile range – $32,780 USD (before tax breaks)

Coda Sedan – 120 mile range – $44,900 USD (before tax breaks)

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I would definitely go for Tesla Model S. I love the design.

The Tesla will have 160 mile range at that price…

Ben Branch

@Jeremy – Well spotted, I corrected it.

Arnold Gill

What I want to know is what the Tesla 300 mile battery pack is going to cost. That is the option I would load up on.

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