TWiT TV Tours Zero Motorcycles

I’ve been a huge fan of Leo Laporte since the very first podcast of TWiT and have been a faithful listener ever since, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the podcast it stands for “This Week in Tech” and features Leo Laporte, John C. Dvorak and regular guests like Kevin Rose, Patrick Norton and many others. The TWiT network has expanded since it was first put on the air and now includes a stack of shows, one of them (TWiT.TV) just paid a visit to Zero Motorcycles and published an episode on the electric motorcycle company, hit the jump to watch the episode.

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Via Hell For Leather and Zero Motorcycles

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i want one so bad!

Arnold Gill

After watching this, my first thought is that I can see a _disadvantage_ to the direct drive system, namely that the motor is engaged and on at all times while driving. There is no ability to coast at speed. Now, if they were able to attach some type of slip differential system that would allow coasting, you might gain in the driving range of the vehicle.

Hey Arnold
you may be interested to know that when you shut off the power to the bike it DOES indeed coast. There is no engine braking as there would be with a petrol bike. You have to get used to that when riding it and it is one of the features that regular motorcyclists remark on that is most different. In reality you just adapt your riding style to accomodate this and you become more aware of when you are rolling too. hope that helps.

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