Porsche Is Going To Build A Hybrid 911

Porsche is set to continue the hybridisation of it’s model line up with a hybrid Panamera next year, the German automaker already has a hybrid Cayenne SUV on the road as well as a KERS hybrid 911 GT3 currently racing in Europe and the US. Porsche announced that they would be pursuing a production run of the Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid, a show car that was very well received earlier this year and is expected to be produced in very low numbers for a very high price.

New EU laws are going to require Porsche to cut CO2 (or “carbon dioxides” if you’re a Top Gear fan) 255 grams per kilometer to 216 within five years, a target that they’ll only be able to meet with hybrid cars, lighter bodies and more efficient internal combustion engines.

Porsche may move to a 100% hybrid line up within 5 years, possibly being the first large automaker to do so, Porsche purists are no doubt wringing their hands and shouting “sacrilege!” however I’d like to remind you that Ferdinand Porsche was building hybrid sports cars back in 1899. This isn’t so much sacrilege as a return to core values for Porsche, in fact it is a little surprising that they aren’t marketing their 1899 hybrid a little more now that they heading back down that road.

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Via Wired Autopia

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