New Prius MPV Coming In January

Toyota is teasing an image of a new Prius due in January at the Detroit Autoshow, this won’t replace the current Prius but will expand it into a multi-car brand like Toyota’s luxury offshoot Lexus. All we know at the moment is that it’ll be bigger and better than the current Prius and will fill the MPV (multi purpose vehicle) role in the new Prius line of vehicles.

“Next member of the Prius family” will be an “all-new model with more comfort, style and versatility,” Toyota announced on its official Twitter feed.

We don’t have many details yet and it looks like Toyota is going down the path of leaking small amounts of information to the press in order to drum up interest (original, I know), so expect minor updates as further news creeps in.

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This is the only official image of the new car and yes, it's the one in the back.

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I hope its a 4×4 and has a plug! we need hybrids with plugs already.

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