The Electric Trike That Dr Jekyll Would Kill For

Looking for all the world like some variety of gothic Victorian perambulator this all electric trike is also all solar powered. Built by New York based artist and engineer Josh Hadar the tricycle has a top speed of 45 miles an hour and a 100% electric drive-train that uses a Mars electric motor hooked up to a lead acid battery system, giving it a total range of 30 miles.

It’s 8.4 feet long from end to end, roughly the same length as a Smart Car. Apparently the first time it was ridden the gearing wasn’t quite set right and it popped a significant wheelie, which would have been a hell of a sight to behold on a crowded New York City street. The motor produces 4.8 kilowatts (6.4 horsepower) normally and about 15 kilowatts on maximum, more than enough considering the lack of body weight.

Josh thinks that he could double the range if he switched out the lead acid batteries for lithium, an option that has been cost prohibitive so far. He charges the devilish looking machine with 6 solar panels placed on his NYC workshop, making it just about the coolest 100% carbon-neutral-hipster-mobile in town.

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Via Gizmodo

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Seems like it needs a little more bodywork? I’d like to see a steampunk version!

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