The Electric DeLorean – Plutonium Not Required

The staff of Wired Magazine’s Italian publication have been hard at work electrofitting an original 1980s DeLorean, the build is now finishing up and the team is set to head off on a trip from Milan to Rome using Italy’s scenic backroads hopefully  in time for the Rome Film Festival. They partnered with eCars Now! Italy on the project, they had the batteries made in Korea, then shipped to Germany to be moulded into a shape that would fit inside a DeLorean with precision. The 90kW electric motor can push from 0-60 in about 4.5 seconds and then team estimate that the car will have a range of 125-135 miles, no word yet on whether it will reach 88 miles per hour.

Electric conversions are becoming quite popular and there are companies around the world now that will take what ever car you have, rip out the oily bits and replace them with gleaming lithium for a price, usually $20,000USD or more. We can’t decide between the DeLorean and the Type 65 by SSI Racing that we featured a few months ago when it comes to cool conversions. It’s worth noting that for the same price as a Tesla Roadster you can have a team of engineers build you an electric DeLorean, you won’t get much of a warranty and it won’t be as reliable but hey, it’s a freaking DeLorean!

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Via Wired – and you can read more on their build website here.

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Fuck! They should restart the delorean company and sell this thing! They’d make millions!

There are now several electric DeLoreans in the world. Mine which can be seen at The first eDeLorean which is now in Las Vegas, and one in Japan. There are several others still under construction…

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