Demi Moore Drives The Mercedes S400 Hybrid

Demi Moore is in the market for a hybrid car and according to sources, is currently on the verge of buying the Mercedes S400 Hybrid. She fired off a tweet on October 6th saying “Trying out the new Mercedes Hybrid-love that they are going green and with style!” and her friends have indicated she has all but made up her mind about the car.

You might be asking why this is important, well I’ll tell you why, it’s important because celebrities set trends. Demi Moore buying a hybrid today leads directly to thousands of me-too purchases across the US, which is great for the hybrid and electric car industry.

Although to be fair the copycat purchases will probably be more along the lines of Priuses, CR-Zs and Ford Fusions rather than $90,000 luxury hybrids like the Mercedes S400.

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I love Demi and would love the merc as well!

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