Jaguar Considering A Production Run Of The C-X75 Turbine Hybrid

It was revealed earlier today that Jaguar has already launched a feasibility study into a production run of the C-X75 Turbine Hybrid. They are investigating the possibility of either a 1,000 or 2,000 unit per year production schedule of the 780hp turbine/electric hybrid with an estimated first year of production being between 5 and 7 years away.

“We’re talking two-to-three years for implementation of the gas turbine technology, then another three-to-four years to integrate into a vehicle,” said Jaguar’s head of advanced powertrains Tony Harper. “There’s much less to go wrong; there’s about 100 times fewer parts in a gas turbine than an internal combustion engine.”

The fact that Jaguar has publicly commissioned this feasibility study means they are already leaning heavily in favour of a production run, it’s been a long time since Jaguar has had a show stopper like the XJ-220 and the brand would doubtless benefit from having an eco-friendly hypercar like the C-X75 at the top of its model range. We could also see a filter down of the technologies used in the turbine hybrid to the more everyday Jaguar models like the XJ, XK and XF models currently in production.

It is widely expected that high-performance, luxury brands developing electric and hybrid electric vehicles will have have a halo effect on the wider green car market and help in developing technologies that will be common in all road cars in a decades time. Mercedes, Renault, Lotus, Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar, Citroen and a number of other automakers are all working on electric and/or hybrid supercars with a view to production within the next few years making the green car segment the fastest accelerating luxury sector within the automotive industry.

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Via AutoCar

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