Sir Alan Cathcart Tests The Mission One

A couple of months ago Mission Motors headquarters was visited by Sir Alan Cathcart, a veteran racer and respected motoring journalist. His review on the Mission One electric superbike isn’t due to be published in print magazines till November but thanks to Mission One we have a few sneak peeks and quotes from the day.

Sir Alan decided to test the bike on the road, rather than the race track or salt flats, to see how it handles real world conditions. After having arrived somewhat skeptical about electric motorcycles he was apparently very, very impressed with the Mission One bike after his day in the saddle and was quoted afterwards as saying;

“… out in the real world of no-compromises sportbiking, there is literally nothing on the street with a sparkplug to light the fire that will out-accelerate the Mission One off the mark…. Nothing.”

Other standout quotes from Sir Alan on the day;

“…unlike other e-bikes, where the sound of silence eventually ends up detracting from the experience, the Mission One utters a muted but decidedly angry rasp when you get it on good – a sound that tells you you’re tearing up the tarmac in unlocking the literally awesome acceleration it delivers, fully worthy of a litrebike.”

“…the Mission One was ready to carve corners and go with the flow, gliding through turns on part throttle with a total lack of vibration, before picking up the drive on the way out. No need to notch down a couple of gears to get the engine singing up high in the super power band, just twist – and fly!”

Keep your eye out for the November issue of Motorcyclist Magazine (In the USA) to read the full review.

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Via Mission Motors

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