Tesla Recalls 439 Roadsters

Tesla issued a voluntary recall yesterday for its 2.0 and 2.5 model Roadsters, the issue has been reported as a defective low voltage cable. The recall was triggered when a Tesla Roadster caught fire after the 12 volt cable shorted out, apart from the obvious risk of fire the cable controls important systems like airbags, headlights, taillights, turn signals and hazard lights.

The 1.5 model is reportedly not at risk due due to the fact that it uses a different low voltage cable. Tesla has contacted National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to alert them to the issue and begun contacting customers. The fix will involve checking the cable’s routing and adding a protective shield over it.

If you’re worried that your Tesla might be affected, contact your local customer sales representative.

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Ryan Newman

I would still buy a Tesla in a heartbeat. One recall isn’t enough to scare me, my gas car had at least 3 on it before I bought it.

There goes my investment, last time I checked TSLA was at $24 a share, refusing to check the next 3 years…

Ryan, you said you would still buy one, what prevents you from doing so?

Bert, so long as you look at it as a long term investment you’ll be fine. After the release of the Tesla Model S the share price will jump well above $30.

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