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Fully Charged Reviews The Plug In Prius

Robert Llewellyn is back! This time covering the plug in Toyota Prius with a great 10 minute episode. The Toyota Prius is the best selling hybrid in the world by quite a margin, one feature many owners have been requesting for years is the ability to plug it in and it looks like Toyota has been listening (thankfully). Lanjut →

Meet Jesse James’s Electric 1962 Bel Air Drag Racer – This Ain’t Your Daddies Volt

Back in 2006 Jesse James and the crew at Monster Garage built an electric 1962 Chevy Bel Air drag racer for Milwaukee Tools using 384 of their lithium ion cordless drill batteries. The car is capable of 1/4 mile runs of 14.533 seconds and regularly tops 100mph on the drag strip. Lanjut →

A123 Systems To Announce Third Quarter Results On Nov 9th

Advanced battery manufacturer A123 Systems has announced they’ll reveal 3rd quarter financial results on November 9th, the company has had a roller coaster year with a share price high of $22.84 and a low of $6.54 (AONE). A123 Systems announced on the 13th of September that they have opened the largest lithium ion automotive battery factory in North America, the new facility is based in Livonia, Michigan. If you’d like to watch the announcement you can do so here at 5pm ET on November 9th. Lanjut →

Tesla To Officially Open NUMMI Factory Today

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Senator Dianne Feinstein will officially open the NUMMI plant in California today as preparations for full-scale production of the company’s Model S 4-door electric sedan draws ever closer. The NUMMI plant was closed down in April this year and has seen a remarkable reversal of fortune after being bought by Tesla (TSLA) from former owners Toyota for $42 million. The plant is capable of producing 500,000 vehicles per year or about 1% of global production, this should give Tesla plenty of room to grow over the coming years as new models are introduced.  Lanjut →

e-Wolf – The Biggest Electric Car Builder You’ve Never Heard Of

We hear news about Tesla and Fisker, the Leaf and the Volt on a daily basis, the sheer volume of press attention that some of these companies receives is almost Apple-esque in nature. Hiding just off in the background behind the veil of a non-English language website is a small company called e-Wolf, they operate out of Germany and they are building the coolest electric cars that you’ve (probably) never heard of. Lanjut →

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