Solar Garages Get Trendy – Meet The Car Arc

Renewable energy production at home is widely expected to be a multi-billion dollar industry over the next decade, focussing largely on solar and wind power generation. There are a number of suppliers already, small companies producing home kits of both solar panels and wind turbines and one of these emerging companies is Bike Arc.

Bike Arc produces a series of curved semi-transparent structures that are lined with photovoltaic cells, the “car arc” carport can store and charge electric cars, electric motorcycles and electric bicycles. It is worth pointing out that even in a sunny part of the world this would only supplement your regular mains electricity (it would take weeks of sun for it to fully charge a Nissan Leaf) but slowly adding both solar and wind generators to supplement grid power is undoubtably the way forwards for those of us who are keen to get off fossil fuels as soon as possible.

The Bike Arc company also offers other “Arc” units like the original Bike Arc, House Arc, Tube Arc and Umbrella Arc (some of which are pictured below) and so long as they can keep their pricing down at a reasonable level they’ll do very well as fossil fuels become more and more scarce.

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Via Bike Arc

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weeks of sun? Maybe these panels are relatively low output… but my 4.0kw solar panel array can crank out more than 25 kwh of electricity per day, in the summer here in Seattle. With a 24 kwh battery, I would assume that technically speaking, my solar array could fully recharge the Leaf’s battery pack in one day (as long as it was between say May 1st and October 1st in my neighborhood)

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