Stylish Infiniti Electric Car Coming in 2013

Infiniti, the luxury arm of automaker Nissan has released a sketch of a Nissan Leaf based electric car that will be launched in 2013. Few details are available however it is clear that the Leaf based luxury car will essentially be a highbrow version Nissan’s flagship electric vehicle, it has also been widely suggested that although comfort will increase, the vehicle’s range will be reduced due to the extra weight added as the result of luxury amenities.

Nissan sold out the entire first year’s production run of the Leaf within just a few months of taking pre-orders, a success that has been widely credited with making other automakers sit up and take note of the high demand for electric cars.

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The LEAF was not sold out in months but in 24 days starting Aug. 31 and ending Sept. 23. The $99 in April was just a place holder in line. Those who put the $99 down were not able to order till the 31st. I was not invited to order till the 10th, I’m a lucky one. I think there are still many who put there 99 down and were not given the chance to order depending on there location and place in line. So it only took 24 days to sell out the U.S. allotment for the year. With more still waiting in the wings. I was among the first 6000 of the 80000 hand-raisers. Placed my 99 down within two hours of invitation to do so on April 20th so I think I am pretty high on the list to get one but have to wait till Jan for Texas to get there first which I should be among the first of Texans figuring I high on the list. FYI, It is often said that your number in line depends on when you put your 99 down, this is wrong assumption. I received an email from Nissan apologizing for the trouble they had when site would lock and not allow people to finalize putting there 99 down. Nissan said to rest assured that you would not lose your place in line as it is going by when you signed up to be a hand raiser (when you said you wanted more info and wanted to be contacted for further updates).

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