MINI Electric Scooters – Pictures and Video

After seeing the images and videos of the new MINI scooter line up I can officially say that I am going to be needing to own one. Pronto. I fall into the expanding group of people that live in a big city and need a transport solution, preferably an electric one. This demographic is huge in Europe, Asia and parts of both North and South America, the global numbers are in the billions, and for MINI to jump into this space with a retro, 100% electric scooter is potentially a very smart move.

I can only imagine that Vespa, Piaggio, Honda and other large scale scooter builders are feeling the blood drain from their faces when they see what MINI is bringing to the table here. T minus 3 months or less until we have a press release from Vespa featuring a retro electric scooter to compete with MINI.

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