The CODA Sedan EV – $44,900

Kicking off with a price almost $12,000 more than the Nissan Leaf, CODA may have been a little ambitious in pricing their new electric sedan, according to market analysts. Considering they don’t have the brand name recognition of Nissan, Honda or Chevrolet, or the style of the Tesla or Fisker, it’s going to be an uphill battle to achieve significant sales of the new Chinese built electric car due out in late 2011.

The CODA Sedan’s body is built in China with the all electric drive-train being assembled in California for quality control reasons, many had expected them to undercut the price of the Nissan Leaf (its main rival) in order to drum up sales. CODA seem to have gone the other way, after seeing Nissan sell out of the entire first year’s production of the Leaf in just a few months it’s possible that the bean counters at CODA figured there is a large, untapped market of potential electric car buyers and decided to cash in.

Alternatively, they might just be being a little greedy.

CODA has said that the car will have a 90-120 mile range and will take 5.5 hours to recharge from a standard 220v outlet, it’ll be interesting to see how it performs in the real world and how it matches up against the Leaf on range, handling, safety and performance.

CODA has been widely criticised for the notably bland appearance of its first car, a criticism it has largely dismissed as meaningless, and they may be right. The similar looking Toyota Corolla is the best selling car of all time with 35 million on the road and one more being sold every 40 seconds, so perhaps looks are less important that convenience and reliability.

The final cost of the CODA Sedan will be roughly $37,400 USD after a federal tax rebate, to compare the Nissan Leaf will be about $12,000 cheaper and the Chevy Volt will be $4,000 cheaper.

If you’ve got the greenbacks and don’t want to wait for the Leaf, head over to to make your reservation.

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