The Mini Electric Scooter – More Details and Pictures

We now know that 3 variations of the retro electric scooter will be shown at the Paris Motorshow (2nd-17th October) this year. A small single seater version called the “Mini Ego” will be offered alongside a 2-seater variant called the “Mini Eco Roller”, a 3rd as yet unspecified model will also be offered.

No set pricing has been announced, hell we don’t even know if they are going to pursue a production run – although that does seem like the logical next step after taking the time to create and brand 3 unique concepts. Mini have said they’ll produce it if there is “enough interest” and have hinted that it’ll take about 2 years to hit showroom floors.

Mini’s electric scooters will have an onboard lithium-ion battery system and a rear hub-mounted electric motor that offers regenerative braking and will power to a top speed of 60km/h with a range of 100km and will cost “over” 2,500 Euros.

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Sheryl Hollis

I am very interested in these electric scooters and would like to know more . When are they going to be available and what would the prices be .

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