Stunning Peugeot EX 1 Unveiled

Peugeot have unveiled a new 100% electric concept car called the EX 1 (pictured above), the car was let loose around the Linas-Montlhery autodrome just south of Paris yesterday and managed to break no less than 6 different electric acceleration records in one afternoon (pending FIA approval).

The EX 1 has a body made 100% from carbon fibre which helps keep its weight down to 1,000kg (2,204lbs) and features an aerodynamically friendly design which boosts downforce, it also features a narrower rear axle, producing a “teardrop” shape which helps it slip through the air.

The EX 1 did the quarter mile in 14.4sec, a standing kilometre in 28.16sec and a standing mile in 41.09sec. It set a 0-60mph run in 3.55sec and an overall top speed of 161mph. Peugeot said that it should be possible of running a sub-3 second 0-60 dash once bugs have been ironed out and optimum settings are found.

With 4 independent 170hp electric motors producing an asphalt melting 680hp total and 177lb ft of torque per wheel setting the total at 708 foot pounds, the EX 1 should be capable of towing an Imperial Death Star at highway speeds.

“The EX1 is a one-off, it has been built to push the boundaries of electric vehicle performance: to show what Peugeot could make, given the design and engineering resources at its disposal, and to continue a tradition of speed record-breaking that we have stretching back more than 40 years. We don’t expect to productionise it, but if there is enough interest in the car, it wouldn’t be impossible as a very low volume special.” – Peugeot design director Gilles Vidal -

The EX1 will be on show at Peugeot’s premises on the Avenue de la Grand Armee on the eve of first press day of the Paris motor show next week, before being transported to Shanghai, where it will be driven in further EV speed record attempts.

Peugeot will be showing the EX 1 at its pavilion at the Paris Motorshow (October 2nd-17th) before sending it off on a trip to Shanghai in the hope of setting more records and winning over a nation of Peugeot converts.

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flipping nice design Peugeot !

I was thinking either “warp speed, Mr. Sulu” or “to the Batmobile, Robin”. Gotta say, I’m surprised Peugeot pulled this one out of their hats. Fantastic.

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