Tesla Roadster Does An 11.46 Second 1/4 Mile

The Tesla Roadster set an 11.46 second 1/4 mile at the 2010 Speed Trials of the Brighton & Hove Motor Club, the longest running motoring event in the world. Piloted by UK sales manager Gian Avignone (pictured above), who then drove home to London with the battery still half full.

For those unfamiliar with 1/4 mile times, below is a list of current cars and their recorded 1/4 mile runs;

Toyota Prius – 16.99 Seconds

Chevrolet Volt – 16.5 Seconds

Toyota Corolla – 15.90 Seconds

Honda CR-Z – 16.5 Seconds

Bugatti Veyron – 10.60 Seconds

Nissan GT-R – 10.41 Seconds

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