The MINI Electric Scooter

MINI have announced that they will be unveiling 2 electric scooter concepts at this year’s Paris Motorshow (2nd-17th October), details are a little scarce however we can tell you that the scooter will have a rear-hub mounted electric motor and a lithium-ion battery system under the seat.

The scooters feature the same colour scheme as the MINI E electric car and if you look at the rear body panel you’ll notice that same plug logo. With abundant retro MINI design cues the scooters will easily rival current generation Vespa scooters on the hipster-o-meter and the all electric drive-train will add to the appeal for the targeted city dwelling 21-40 demographic. MINI may be going to release and use the electric scooters in conjunction with the 500 MINI Es that were leased out in LA and New York last year as a live test of electric vehicle infrastructure.

By all accounts it looks like this year’s Paris Motorshow is going to feature more new hybrid and electric vehicles than any motorshow to date, stay tuned for updates.

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This could be as simple as going to one of the better electric scooter makers in China, tell them they want the plastic to look a certain way, and ship us a few hundred scooters please.

Michael Bayliss

@ David – I would agree with you if Mini was not a BMW brand. There is no way BMW would ever cut corners like that and potentially call the Mini brand into disrepute. They could have all Minis made in China but they don’t and for very good reason.

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