Chevrolet Volt To Begin Production On November 11th

General Motors have confirmed that the Chevy Volt will enter production on November 11th, the first production run is usually referred to as “Job 1″ and GM spokesman Rob Peterson has confirmed the November date as official. It appears that GM is aiming to coincide the first deliveries of the Volt with the Los Angeles Auto Show which is set to run from the 17th-18th of November, California is largely expected to be the largest consumer of hybrid cars in the US for the coming decade.

The Volt will cost $41,000 USD before a tax credit of $7,500 bringing the total out of pocket cost to $33,500 USD. This pits it above of the Prius ($23,000 – $28,000), the Nissan Leaf comes in at about $25,000 but that is after the same $7,500 tax credit. GM seem to have priced the Volt to sit in a higher cost bracket than its Japanese rivals, although the initial price may come down after the first year of production and will almost certainly come down over time due to less expensive lithium-ion batteries.

With a 40 mile range running on the 16 Kwh lithium-ion battery packs the Volt is powered by a 120 kW (160 hp) electric motor, it also features a small, 1.0 litre generator to keep the electric motor going once the lithium dries up. The car does offer plug-in charging which means that most peoples daily commute will be run on electrical power only, this will be a huge cost saver, especially over the next few years as we watch gasoline prices go through the roof.

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