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The Electric Jaguar C-X75 Hyper-Car

Jaguar is a name that has adorned some of the most magnificent motorcars of the past century, they’ve obviously decided that we all need a reminder about how beautiful they can make cars look when they try. Meet the C-X75. It has 4 195hp electric motors (one for each wheel) pumping out a total of 780hp, it has a plug and the lithium-ion batteries can be recharged from your garage’s 220v outlet. Lanjut →

Solar Garages Get Trendy – Meet The Car Arc

Renewable energy production at home is widely expected to be a multi-billion dollar industry over the next decade, focussing largely on solar and wind power generation. There are a number of suppliers already, small companies producing home kits of both solar panels and wind turbines and one of these emerging companies is Bike Arc. Lanjut →

Zero Motorcycles Gets $2,000,000 in Additional Funding

Zero Motorcycles has picked up an additional 2 million in funding for new power-train development, this could be the biggest hint yet that Zero is working on a competitor to the new Brammo Empulse. Currently Zero produces 4 models of electric motorcycles, all of them have offroad styling and rumours abound that Zero is hard at work on an Empluse beating road bike. Lanjut →

The Lightning Fast Exagon Furtive e-GT

Racing car builder Exagon Engineering have thrown their hat into the increasingly crowded electric car ring with the Exagon Furtive e-GT pictured above and below. Exagon has claimed an electric-only range of Lanjut →

MINI Electric Scooters – Pictures and Video

After seeing the images and videos of the new MINI scooter line up I can officially say that I am going to be needing to own one. Pronto. I fall into the expanding group of people that live in a big city and need a transport solution, preferably an electric one. This demographic is huge in Europe, Asia and parts of both North and South America, the global numbers are in the billions, and for MINI to jump into this space with a retro, 100% electric scooter is potentially a very smart move. Lanjut →

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