The Epic Torq Electric Speedster

Epic is a small scale electric vehicle manufacturer who, as of yet, haven’t released any cars for sale. They are working on it feverishly though and the images you’re looking at here are of their Torq model, a 3-wheeled racer with obvious design influence from both the Ariel Atom and the KTM X-Bow. As these are teaser shots and come with no hard specifications we have to make some assumptions, it appears to be either a front or 3-wheel drive set up with an adjustable front wing and Formula 1 style pushrod suspension. It’s probably a safe bet to assume that Epic went with the 3-wheel configuration to bypass certain laws in place for 4-wheeled vehicles, this will allow them to license it as a motorcycle/tricycle. I have to say, I’m not personally a fan of 3-wheelers (with the possible exception of the Aptera) although it is interesting to see how many budding electric car manufacturers are choosing the 3-wheeled chassis as their base platform.

Epic are said to be launching the Torq in the autumn of this year so we’ll keep you posted as more information is forthcoming.

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