Hybrid Corvette On The Way?

Karl Stracke, General Motors VP of global engineering has come out with a statement that has left hybrid and electric car fans with eyes as wide as dinner plates, he was quoted as saying that the idea of a hybrid corvette was “interesting” and then with no pushing from the press added ““You could keep a normal powertain configuration for a small amount of very excited car enthusiasts,” Stracke said. “And turn 80 to 90 percent of your sports-car portfolio to hybridization.”

This level of forthrightness is very uncommon from senior executives and Stracke was clearly leaving very little room to be misunderstood, a hybrid Corvette is doubtless under development, perhaps as a concept car and a production ready model would then depend on the level of public acceptance (a la the Porsche 918 Spyder). Stracke made the comments whilst shooting down the new rumour (same as the old rumour) that GM was working on a mid-engined Corvette.

We’d love to see a hybrid Corvette, hell we’d love to see a 100% electric Corvette but GM may want to get it’s feet wet with a crossover hybrid model first, as seems to be the norm among most manufacturers. We’ll keep you updated on any further news that comes out regarding this potentially very interesting car.

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Via Crunchgear

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