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Following on from yesterdays post which saw a lot of people getting annoyed at an $80,000 USD electric bicycle (although admittedly it was a very nice bicycle) I thought it may be best to follow up with an entry on another state of the art, designer eBike but this time it would be an affordable one, by affordable I mean less than 10% of the cost of yesterday’s carbon fibre Jay Leno crotch rocket.

Meet the GRACE. This is a German designed and built powerhouse of an electric bike featuring a 1,300W motor mounted in the rear hub, an advanced lithium-ion battery system mounted inside the watertight aircraft grade aluminium frame and a range of 40 kilometres (running on batteries alone). The top speed can be anywhere from 45-65 kph depending on the set up you choose and each bike is built according to the clients specifications.

The bikes aren’t the cheapest at a cost of 5,877 Euros, that’s about $7,535 USD but these are designed as high performance, hand built machines and will never be as cheap to buy as a Schwinn Pedego. The GRACE is essentially the Porsche equivalent in the eBike world and the Schwinn is more of a Toyota.

The bikes are offered in an array of anodised aluminium colours and are for sale now with international delivery. It is worth noting that the blonde german girl in the shiny silver spacesuit doesn’t come as standard.

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farrell stirtmire

i do think the grace e bike is a beautiful bike and would like to know how to get one even though i can’t afford it, but like you say it do look just as good as good as the 80, 000 black trail ebike and please tell why would they even want to try and sell it at that price just because it’s carbon fiber come on that’s just threads and glue and a scratch could make it a 80 g piece of junk

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