The BlackTrail BT-01

So far as electric bikes go, this is the king of the hill. The BlackTrail BT-01 looks exactly like the sort of thing Bruce Wayne would ride through the misty streets of Gotham City and sadly, you’d need to be as wealthy as Bruce Wayne to buy one. $80,000 USD doesn’t so much give you sticker-shock as sticker-seizure. Once you get past the price tag this is a very impressive little bike, it’s made from carbon fibre, aerospace aluminium, titanium and magnesium, it has a 1.2 kW motor imbedded in the lower part of the frame that will propel you up to a top speed of 65 miles per hour. That’s not bad for something with pedals. It also means it’ll need to be registered as a motorcycle.

Only 667 of these will be made and I doubt they will have any trouble selling them, there are a lot of very wealthy people out there who don’t mind the fact that you could buy two and a half Priuses for the same money. I do love this bike but I just can’t get past that epic price tag, a person could buy both Brammo models and all of the Zero models and still have money left over from what this bad boy costs, I guess this bike isn’t meant for me, it’s meant for people like Jay Leno (yes, he has one) for whom money really isn’t an issue. But hey who knows? Maybe the BT-02 fit into my budget range, until then I’ll just admire it from afar.

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