Saab to begin testing all electric 9-3 next year

Saab has revealed plans to begin full road testing of a fleet of all electric 9-3 sedans in 2011, word is that the electric cars will be deployed at various locations around the world in order to test the cars in a wide variety of real world situations, climates and elevations. The project is the result of collaboration between Saab, Boston-Power, ElectroEngine and the Swedish Energy Authority. Saab was almost out of business at the beginning of 2010 until an 11th hour deal was reached between General Motors and Spyker Cars, a small scale exotic manufacturer based in Holland.

The news of a fleet of electric cars has taken quite a few people by surprise, no one had really been expecting much if any innovation from Saab for another year or two if at all. Saab’s managing director jan Ake had this to say about the project;

The main purpose is to draw technology from this test fleet, technology that we can then incorporate quickly. The key target short-term is to drive fuel consumption down. You can electrify certain portions of the vehicle.

Previously Saab had set 2016 as the date for full production of electric vehicles, it is now being suggested that we may see these cars in showrooms by as early as 2014.

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Via Inside Line

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