New Ford Focus RS Hybrid On The Way?

Senior sources within Ford have been leaking information about an upcoming RS version of Ford’s very popular Focus model, it appears that we can expect to see a high performance hybrid model with an electrically powered rear axle and a gasoline powered front axle, giving the car a boost in both acceleration and handling.

The sources claim that the hybrid hatchback will be fitted with the 2.0-litre Ecoboost engine, good for 250hp, transversely mounted upfront and powering the front wheels. It would make sense for Ford to mount the requisite battery pack in the mid to back section of the car to maintain even weight distribution. There is no word yet on whether the car will have plug-in to charge capabilities. Most manufacturers seem to go with a closed loop hybrid system on the first hybrid outing for a model and then look to add plug-in functionality later down the line, we expect that this may be the case here as well.

We would be expecting to see the car released at the Paris Motorshow later this year (2nd-17th October) but it may get pushed back to Geneva in 2011 depending on Ford’s progress with development.

Stay tuned for updates.

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