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Robert Llewellyn is a man that I’ve never heard of and to be honest, I’m not entirely sure how to pronounce that rather “L” heavy last name. He is the host of a new British TV Show called Fully Charged and if you like ElectroVelocity, you’re going to love this show. We’ve added the official trailer for the show below, it’s about 10 minutes long, and if you aren’t a fan after watching it, you’re probably not a fan of smiling either.

The pilot is essentially a 10 minute breakdown on why electric cars are the way of the future, followed by a highly entertaining diatribe where Robert Llewellyn calls out those who have been criticising electric cars by naming all of their arguments and then making them look rather stupid.

There are 2 other episodes of Fully Charged currently available through iTunes and through their website Fully Charged.

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Nicely done Robert Llewellyn!!! Nicely done.

It’s Kryten from Red Dwarf for those that care

Fantastic! I don’t like cars and I never subscribe to anyone’s Youtube channel, but for this show I’m subscribing.

Good luck with the upcoming episodes, I’m looking forward to them.


Great job Robert L. It is crammed with useful statistics. But it isn’t sleepy. I booked marked this.

I wish you success.

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