Paolo De Gusti’s Big Battery Naked SE Design Concept

One day, not too far off in the future, we’ll have 3D printers and nano-robots capable of taking a CAD rendering like the example above and turning out a fully functioning final product. Until that day comes we will remain in our current position, coveting what we see on an LCD screen but knowing that we’ll probably never actually see one overtake us on the freeway.

The Big Battery Naked SE Concept is a 100% electric motorcycle with a large lithium-ion battery that is replaceable, to avoid that 3-6 hour period of waiting for the battery to recharge from your home 220v charger. The original design has a large electric motor mounted inside the rear wheel and a smaller motor in the front wheel, this would allow the bike to use regenerative braking on both wheels and would of course mean that the bike was 2-wheel drive, a relatively unique feature.

The bike seems to draw design influence from modern KTM bikes as well as the Mission One and the Confederate B120 Wraith, that said it features a slew of original and well conceived ideas. I’m just going to throw this out there, if a company like Zero was looking for a MotoCzysz/Brammo Empluse/Mission One beating design, they might want to give Paolo a quick call, even without the removable battery system this bike would take the cake.

Via Paolo De Gusti

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