Gasland – The Documentary

A video of someone lighting their tap water on fire certainly grabs peoples attention and for good reason, this astonishing phenomena is what filmmaker Josh Fox shows time and time again in his Sundance Film Festival award winning documentary “Gasland”. Focussing on the plight of people across the US whose water and land have become polluted to astonishing levels by companies like Halliburton using a technique called “hydraulic fracturing” to extract natural gas from thousands of feet underground.

The DVD is available now and Gasland has been showing on HBO intermittently since June 21st, if you haven’t seen it make sure you do, it makes the importance of a fossil fuel free future that little bit more clear.

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Gasland The Movie

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J W Collins

This documentary is required viewing for anyone even slightly interested in the future of the nation, their children, possibly even themselves. Once again, the business community has shown its face as self oriented, self inclined and soul-less as it goes after a buck at any price, including the price of its own existence, and keep in mind the toll a heavy population takes on the earth. Take a look…before your water is gone forever.

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