BMW Entering The Electric Car Market

BMW has been working hard behind the scenes on its future line-up of electric cars, the first model set to roll off the production line in 2013 is code-named “MegaCity” and in spite of the remarkably unappealing name, looks set to be a serious player in the future world of EV’s.

The German car maker is set to break ground this month on a new facility to mass produce a carbon fibre passenger compartment just for the MegaCity 2013 electric car. We know that it’ll have an aluminium chassis, a rear mounted electric motor and a middle/front mounted battery. We also know that BMW is designing this car from scratch rather than building an electric drive-train into a pre-existing internal combustion vehicle as Mercedes is doing with the electric version of the smart car slated for 2012.

The MegaCity project is being run by Ulrich Kranz, the same guy who headed BMW’s very successful revival of the Mini brand in 2001, which goes to show that BMW is taking the MegaCity project quite seriously. BMW’s design chief, Adrian van Hooydonk has been quoted as saying that the vehicle will be “sporty and stylish” in keeping with the BMW name, which arguably means we can expect it to look and perform a little better than the Mercedes Smart Car derivative. The design sketch above is straight from the design desk at BMW and so long as the bean-counters don’t interfere with the final product too much, we should be set to see a car that could potentially become the Mini Cooper equivalent of the 21st century.

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The MegaCity's All Electric Battery/Motor Drive-Train

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