Fisker Acquires Former GM Plant For Project NINA Production

Fisker is set to pick up the keys to a former GM factory in Wilmington, Delaware where the plug-in hybrid electric car maker will begin rolling out its next generation of vehicles, code named “Project NINA” in 2012. Fisker Automotive spent $20 million on the currently empty 3.2 million sqft plant and will need to spend a small fortune re-tooling in the lead up to starting production of the Project NINA cars all of which are currently shrouded in mystery except for one detail, the price – $47,500 USD which will drop to about $39,000 USD after federal tax credits are applied.

This is widely believed to be a much more lucrative price point that the current sale price of the Fisker Karma which will set buyers back $88,000 USD (when it becomes available in early 2011) and with this in mind Fisker Automotive is hoping to sell between 75,000 – 100,000 Project NINA cars per year buy 2013.

“A federal bankruptcy judge Tuesday approved the $20 million sale of a former General Motors Corp. plant in Wilmington, Del., to Fisker Automotive Inc.

Fisker, a California-based plug-in electric vehicle start-up, announced in October it would purchase the shuttered Boxwood Road plant in Wilmington. The 3.2 million-square foot plant is on 142 acres.

Fisker hopes to assemble 100,000 vehicles a year when it ramps up to full production in Wilmington. Using a $529 million low-cost government loan, it plans to start production at the plant in 2012.”

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Source – TreeHugger

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