Zero Motorcycles Expanding Into Europe

The 100% electric motorcycles produced by Zero have been in serious demand over on the European continent, Zero established a headquarters in Amsterdam in 2009 and has just announced that they have signed a distribution agreement with eMobility to sell bikes in Switzerland.

“Zero Motorcycles has experienced exceptional growth throughout Europe, and expanding our sales and distribution channels to Switzerland is an integral part of enhancing Zero’s international reach,” – John Lloyd, VP World Wide Sales for Zero Motorcycles

Zero also have independent representatives in the UK, Germany, France, Austria, Italy and Spain making them the dominant supplier of electric motorcycles to the European market. The bikes produced by Zero have hand-built aircraft grade aluminium frames and are developing a solid reputation for bulletproof reliability, not at all surprisingly, the company’s founder Neal Saiki is a former NASA engineer and award winning designer.

4 models are currently offered for sale worldwide and Zero offer shipping worldwide through a very tempting online shop that allows you to buy the bike of your choice with nothing but a credit card and delivery address. I’ll pick up a Zero S just as soon as I have $9,995 worth of headroom on my credit card.

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