Volkswagen Jetta Going Hybrid In 2011

Volkswagen have made no secret of their intentions to carve out a large space in the hybrid car market over the past few years and the next VW to get the hybrid treatment is set to be the popular Jetta model. 2011 will see the introduction of a hybrid gas/electric version of the 4-door sedan heading to US shores, hoping to take a bite out of the current hybrid king of the hill, the Toyota Prius.

We expect to see the car selling for just over $20,000 USD, which will lob it into direct competition with hybrids like the Prius and the Ford Fusion and will make it a fair bit cheaper than the upcoming Chevy Volt. Volkswagen introduced a hybrid version of their SUV Touareg which is set for release this fall in the US at the somewhat consumer-unfriendly price tag of $90,000+, many have been critical of the Touareg but this new hybrid Jetta has been widely viewed as a genuine play for notable market share in the explosively popular hybrid car sales arena.

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