3 Electric Sports Cars You Can Buy Today

The Venturi Fetish

Venturi is currently based in Monaco and are hand building the Fetish (pictured above) in very limited numbers. The car is a super-luxury item and commands a price tag that’ll hurt your cerebral cortex but the performance specifications go a long way towards making up for it. The Fetish leaps from 0-100kph (0-62mph) in just under 5 seconds, has a 160kph (100mph) top speed and a 250km (155 mile) range, the price tag is 297,000 Euros (about $364,000 USD) but you’ll be able to console yourself by knowing you are one of only 25 people on Earth to have one.


The SSI Racing 65 Coupe

This is, without a doubt, the electric car that Steve McQueen would own. Based on the infamous 65 Shelby Daytona Coupe with all electric running gear the SSi Racing 65 Coupe is a serious performer. Belting from 0-60 takes just 3.4 seconds, range is variable with 100 miles as standard, 1000ft/lbs of torque is claimed and the top speed is an impressive 140 mph. Numbers are limited and 6/10 available models are sold already for 2010, you can pick up one of the 4 remaining cars for $120,000 USD.


The Tesla Roadster

This is set to be a car that we all look back on in 20 years time as the first mass produced electric sports car, it’ll go down in history and with just over 1,000 models sold so far their numbers are relatively scarce in the grand scheme of things. It would be a crime to by a Tesla and keep it locked away as an investment (although some buyers have reportedly done just that) with performance figures that are enough to embarrass most gas guzzling muscle cars the Tesla Roadster is meant to be driven daily. You can pick one up today for $101,500 USD which makes it the cheapest option here and when you remember the gas money you won’t be spending it almost seems like a bargain.

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