The 100+ MPG Plug-in Hybrid Hummer H3

Raser Technologies unveiled a Hummer H3 late last year with a plug-in gas/electric hybrid 4×4 powertrain and a claimed mpg rating of 100+, they were working closely with Hummer and FEV on the project and have made it clear that the E-REV power train is easily portable between large SUV’s (see the image below). There are no plans to put this power train into production as of yet, which seems a shame as even if they offered a conversion service it would doubtless be very popular in states like California and Texas.

The Raser Hummer H3 has a 200kw electric motor which directs power through the vehicle’s transmission and pre-existing 4×4 drive train, the SUV uses a front mounted 2.0 litre 4 cylinder 100kw gasoline powered generator to recharge batteries on the go giving the H3 a 400 mile range in total, with a 40 mile battery only range. SUV’s and light trucks make up almost half of the vehicles on American roads, this sort of plug-in hybrid technology is undoubtably the way of the future and with companies like Hummer announcing plans to go out of business it makes you wonder why they don’t embrace a single SUV hybrid model production strategy and draw in all the truck loving the-Prius-is-for-girls nature lovers out there.

What do you think? Would you rather see Hummer go green or gone altogether?

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Via Raser Technologies

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M. Lawrence

I’d be happy to see Hummer go really. It is inefficient to have 3.5 tonnes of metal just to move around one 160 pound human. We need lighter, smarter cars.

I wonder if the hybrid has the same torque and towing capacity as the diesel or gasoline models? If so, then there is no reason why they would not sell in mass quantities.

I wanted a Hummer before I heard about this on ZapRoot, but was slightly off by the efficiency. Now I really looking forward to getting one [If they ever get released let alone get down to NZ]


The battery pack must be absolutely massive.

Very good post. Hummer H3 has got decent looks with neat finish and great pick up. Sharing my personal experience – Most of the time i find people giving a definite glare at my car.

Hummer is a symbol for gas guzzler… making it “green” just won’t work :-)

Maybe the first step should be to reduce weight be using smaller cars. Yet, for those people who are really dependent on such SUVs its a good approach.

Why I can’t buy it

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