Charge – The TTXGP Documentary

Mark Neale is a British documentary film maker with a penchant for fast motorcycles. You might have seen “Faster”, a 2003 documentary about the MotoGP championship and the follow up 2006 film “The Doctor, the Tornado and the Kentucky Kid”. If you’re a motorcycle fan and haven’t seen either of these I recommend hitting Amazon or NetFlix and placing a couple of orders.

Marks latest cinematic effort is called “Charge” and will centre around the activities of the MotoCzysz TTXGP Isle of Man team from 2009. It is narrated by infamous actor and certifiable motorcycle junkie Ewan McGregor and is due for release sometime in 2010. The trailer is above and if you’d like some more info head over to the official site

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Garrett Shields

This is freaking awesome! Truly a Charge of the Light Brigade into the New Energy Paradigm! Can’t wait to see the full movie!

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