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Mission One Motors have announced that they will not be racing in 2010 due to the ongoing work on getting the Mission One electric motorcycle to market by mid-2011, although they have alluded to the new racing bike that they’re working on;

We look forward to getting back to the track soon. It is our goal to unveil our second generation race bike late this season. In the meantime, we wish all the TTXGP teams and series the very best of luck.

This is perfect timing to get the new racing bike on the track for the 2011 TTXGP season, which of course would help a great deal with promoting sales for the Mission One superbike. They’re taking orders for the bike now, the deposit amount is $5000, and the sales price is $68,995 USD. That sounds like a lot however it is important to remember that this is the fastest electric motorcycle in the world, Mission One set the land speed record in September last year at the Bonneville Sale Flats with a 150 mph run (the rest of the bikes didn’t even come close).

The bike looks like something that Christian Bale would ride around on in his favourite black halloween costume and with an initial production run of only 50 we will probably see these bikes changing hands for more than the sticker price after deliveries begin. I know for a fact that if money was no object, my name would be very near the top of the order list. Scroll down for specifications and a video of the land speed record run courtesy of Mission Motors.

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Mission One Specifications


Full Mission One Statement

Greetings Mission Motors fans:
There has been some discussion on the Web recently about Mission Motor’s racing schedule in 2010 and we wanted to officially clarify our plans.
We were able accomplish two major milestones for our motorsports program in 2009: competing in the inaugural TTXGP, and shortly thereafter setting an AMA speed record at the annual BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials at the Bonneville Speedway.
Racing is the ultimate engineering crucible, and we used this experience to understand how our motorcycles perform at the limit.
Since then, our engineering team has been focused on meeting our production goals for the Mission One Premier Limited Edition, which we are planning to deliver to customers in mid-2011. It is an exciting and intensive process, and, as a result, we will not be racing at Infineon or TT Zero at the Isle of Man this June.
Azhar and his team have been greatly supportive of Mission Motors and electric motorcycle racing as an emerging sport over the last two years.  We support them in their pioneering work to expand electric racing worldwide.
We commend Infineon Raceway for their work in putting on this event, and showing their support for electric racing, the future of motorsports.
We look forward to getting back to the track soon. It is our goal to unveil our second generation race bike late this season. In the meantime, we wish all the teams and series the very best of luck.

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It’s not correct that “no other bikes got even close”. Mission Motors had the third fastest bike there last fall, there were two other electric bikes who got faster speed at Bonneville last fall. See: Lightning Motors has second fastest electric motorcycle, ahead of Mission Motors


@ David – So far as I am aware Mission One holds the record as of 1 September 2009 and set a 150.059mph AMA national record for electric motorcycles. In order to qualify for the record they have to make two runs in opposite directions, I know that in October 2010 Lightning went 166mph but I don’t believe they did it in both directions and took the record. I’m always happy to be corrected though if you have new information.

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