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Zero Motorcycles Expanding Into Europe

The 100% electric motorcycles produced by Zero have been in serious demand over on the European continent, Zero established a headquarters in Amsterdam in 2009 and has just announced that they have signed a distribution agreement with eMobility to sell bikes in Switzerland. Lanjut →

“Dippin’ In My Tesla” by J Brave

Now, I am not what you might call a fan of hip-hop music, however this music video was too unique to pass up. It seems that Tesla and Elon Musk are becoming cool with the underground rapper scene, which I think means the cars are on the verge of being ordered enmasse by gangsta rappers, painted gold and having spinners bolted onto all four wheels. Lanjut →

Electric Tron Light Cycle – Now Available

If your childhood was anything like mine, you probably spent a fair amount of time dreaming of the day, far off in the future, that you could buy a Tron Light Cycle and use it as your daily driver. Well, that day is here. 2010 has now officially become the future. Only 5 of these bikes will be built and the purchaser will have the option of selecting either a high performance all electric drive-train or a high performance gasoline engine/transmission. There will be one built in each colour and the Parker Brothers swear they will build 5 and 5 only, to ensure the value doesn’t decline for the 5 people ready to spend Lanjut →

The Tesla IPO – Buy Now or Wait?

Tesla shares under the NASDAQ name TSLA are going on sale today at $17 a piece in a move that Tesla CEO Elon Musk hopes will bring in close to $226 Million USD for the fledgling electric automaker. Much of the excitement around the car company rests on the shoulders of the anticipation of the upcoming Model S sedan, a $50,000 USD 4-door sedan with a 100% electric drive-train due out sometime in early 2012. Lanjut →

The Nissan Altima Hybrid 2011

Nissan has been selling a hybrid version of its Altima sedan since 2007, the 2011 model of the car is headed to 9 US states a little later this year – California, Oregon, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont. These are the only other 8 states that have adopted California’s tougher than federal emissions rules for new car sales and as such are the only 9 states to see Altima hybrids in dealer showrooms. Lanjut →

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