The Elektra One

A German company is working on the development on a 100% electric plane designed for personal use. The Elektra One (pictured above and below) is a single seat sport plane capable of 3 hours of sustained flight before needing to return to its hangar and recharge. The hangar features solar cells on the roof which would supplement mains power in recharging the battery systems.

The use of composite materials throughout as well as an as yet unannounced ultra light battery means that the full weight of the plane will come in at just 90 kgs (208 lbs). With the electric motor turning out 21 hp and a 27 ft wingspan the Elektra One may eventually have solar cells imbued in the wings to extend range.

The company, PC Aero, is planning 3 models in total, a single seater, a 2 seater and a 4 seater. The prototype for the single seater is currently in production and we’ll be keeping a close eye on PC Aero and will bring you video of the inaugural flight when the day comes.

Via PC Aero

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