Convert Your Current Car To An Electric Car

Sometimes it seems like all the electric cars that you would actually consider buying are 2-5 years away from actually being available, electric car companies appear, release brilliant looking concept vehicles, and then disappear into the mysterious electric-car-black-hole-of-doom. There is one company out there that thinks they have the solution to this, they’re called EVX Laboratories and they take people’s road cars, pull out the oily bits and replace them with a tried and tested electric drive train (this is what you are looking at in the above picture). So far EVX have converted a Hummer H2, a Smart Car and a Mercedes SLK 350, the Merc has been entered into the Automotive X Prize and passed the initial phase with flying colours.

Head over to the website if you’d like to get an estimate on converting your current car, conversions start at $24,900 USD which may sound like a lot but it is less than a new car and arguably it is more environmentally friendly to convert a pre-exisiting car than to manufacture a new one from scratch.

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Via EVX Labs


Nice idea but with the next generation electrics about the hit the market in the US$20-30k price range (for a NEW car), how can you justify the high cost of converting an old, used clunker with a couple hundred thousand on the od? IMO, you’re gonna have to bring your base price WAY down to attract most people cause I have an old ’82 280ZX that I wanna convert but there is no way in hell that I’m gonna drop that kind of coin to do it. Just my 2-cents…

On second thought…let’s work out a deal to convert my 280 and paint it like the Merc (nice taste in graphics BTW). It’d be great for the company…

I also have a 2000 BMW 540i, which would make another excellent example of what can be done with electrics today!

Maybe if you offered a DIY kit at that much reduced price I mentioned…

Mark Lerch

I owne a Hummer H2 and I sure would like to convert it into an EV Unit if it can be do=ne as shown in the photo

Bruce Eustis

I’m Getting a 2002 Hummer H1.
Can I Convert It Using Your Kit to
An All Electric Version ?
Thanks for The Help.
Yours truly,
Bruce R Eustis

junior garcia

How much it cost the conversion for a hummer

Jerry Darrington

I have a 2005 h2 that i would love to convert to electric. If you could send me some info.

Richard Evans

Please email me the H2 package cost. Thank you.

John Wood

Looking to convert 2004 hummer H2

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