The Zap Alias

Zap have been building and selling electric cars in the US since mid-2007, they have been producing vehicles in low numbers so you might not have heard of them but they are very much a David with the Goliath automakers hot on their heels. Zap decided, rather last minute, to enter the Alias into the Automotive X Prize and much to the surprise of their many nay-sayers, passed the qualification stage with minimal fuss. The Alias is licensed as an electric motorcycle, not a car, so it is officially a “trike” although that really doesn’t do it justice, much in the same way that calling a car a “quad” would be misleading.

The Alias’s lithium-ion battery system and electric motor is said to be capable of jetting the Alias to a top speed of 75+mph and a total combined range of 100 miles, although most manufacturers are notorious for fudging these numbers for about 20% boost over reality. The Zap Alias will be built in China, this instantly raises serious questions about build quality and safety, and will initially be for sale in mainland China before exports begin to both North America and Europe in early to mid 2011.

The initial sale price of the Alias will be $35,000 USD, that is before federal tax breaks and incentives, which puts it into play against the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, Coda Sedan and Aptera 2e so it’ll be interesting to see how Zap differentiate themselves in order to stake out market share. What do you think? Would you buy an Alias over the other choices in the price range?

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UPDATE: We have received word from Zap that they entered the Alias into the Automotive X Prize well ahead of schedule, this isn’t what we have heard from other sources but is worth mentioning. Zap have also said they expect the price to be below $35,000, closer to $30,000. They did request that we remove the sentence about the somewhat suspect build quality of Chinese goods, that’s not going to happen.


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I would never buy this. For that money you can get a car from a real manufacturer with a warranty that is actually worth the paper it’s printed on.

Oh, you mean like that one that the U.S. government had to take over (now owning more than 1/2) because it is so mismanaged? (That is not to say the US govmnt knows what it’s doing, though — akin to the blind leading the blind.) LOL


The US government doesn’t own any car manufacturers, they loaned them money, but this money has to be paid back. The Chinese government owns or partially owns the majority of companies that operate in China. The Chinese government is also an infamous abuser of human rights and is a dictatorship. With the US system sometimes you’ll be up and sometimes you’ll be down, but with the Chinese system, you’ll always be down.

It is so cool that my brother took me to see the X price~~ Every car is so beautiful and run so fast, the Alias is the most shining thing in it~~ What a handsome boy!! Making me very exciting when saw these best cars in the world competed with each other in the ground~ Faster!!


Wow, just like the wind when Alias running~~ I don’t know whether or not this little beatle use the new battery system that make it so fast. Because I know the news that the ZAP has change the battery ~~

Fashion outlook, light body, strong wings and great housepower, all of these make Alias-the electric legend. Super car!

You people always say bad things to ZAP, you are just Jealous , mean and threat some one ignorance~~ And using the way low-level and cheap~~

People want to know the truth about ZAP and X prize just go to the website

Alias bring the new fashion in electric cars, most electric cars could not drive too long before, but now, in the morden world, people have more enquriments to Electric cars, such as the speed, the charge time, the distance and looks, luckly, ZAP can satisfy most of them,


Hahaha! Look at the spam comments! I’m guessing Zhejiang Jonway (the chinese manufacturer of the Alias) staff found your article dude…


People who likes the Xprize or the Alias completion have several ways to follow the competition online through social media, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs as well as through the competition website


@ OompaLumpa – I think you’re onto something there. All these comments are coming from mainland Chinese IP Addresses and email accounts.


WOW~what a crap person when writing these bad words to China~maybe you are just boring and sad~~leave away~~keep this place clean~~


Alias pass the second competition in X price, awsome~!!! Come on ~ Alias! You little body can reflect the most power and charming to others~~~GO!! Beat them!!

@benjamin- it is so exciting here ~and you are the smart one in it~~ What’s your purpose here ? excepting someone to unveil ? haha ~~~~maybe just want to show yourself~~


Red Alias, my favorite car! The best gift to my birthday in this year! Thank you, Judy! I love you!
but the silver one is much handsome~~haha ~just not selling~~?

A lovely 3 wheel-car! My little boy like it so much, it is very convenient to go out in the city!

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