The Arkii Solar Yacht

Filed under the “do want” category of most eco-concious humans is a boat, preferably a luxury boat, powered by 100% sustainable energy. We featured the WHY Solar Yacht last month and it garnered a lot of attention, I for one actually think the Arkii is a step up from the WHY for a number of reasons, it looks better, is arguably more “buildable” and has a much, much cooler name. The catamaran’s surface is covered in gorgeously curved multi-layed solar cells which, on a sunny day, bring the Arkii up to cruising speed of 8 knots (similar to a wind powered cruising yacht).

The designer, Janne Leppänen, a Finnish chap with an active imagination, designed the Arkii to have a huge amount of usable space – 1647 square feet internal and 1076 square feet external – as well as one of the most inviting sun lounger set ups I have yet seen. The only gripe is the lack of any real ocean going capabilities, that huge front and rear deck would be the death of you in high seas.

Now if only I was wealthy enough to make the requisite phone calls and get one made, the blueprints are below in case you’re handy with tools and have some free time on your hands.

Via Gizmodo Via Janne Leppänen

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