IZH Concept Hybrid Motorcycle

Designed by the talented Igor Chak, the bike above is a modern redesign of the iconic though little known (outside of Russia) 1929 IZH-1 motorcycle. The concept uses an innovative 60kw brushless electric motor built into the rear wheel hub to provide a hybrid final drive and uses lithium-sulfur batteries. Interestingly, lithium-sulphur batteries are lighter, have a higher energy density than lithium-ion and are cheaper to produce due to the relatively inexpensive nature of sulphur.

The IZH stands for Izhevsk Mechanical Works, a company most widely known for the production of the timeless Kalashnikov Assault Rifle (the AK-47). IZH also produced small cars and a number of motorcycles, hence Igor Chak’s decision to resurrect the motorcycle badge with the hybrid concept.

The bike features a number of fascinating technological innovations beyond the hybrid drive train, it has dual airbags (see picture below) a front crumple zone, ultra light weight plastic body panels and a wiring loom built into the frame. A unique proximity radar system is capable of automatically braking the bike if the car in front slows or stops unexpectedly, Chak has also integrated a front facing camera with night vision and augmented reality functionality. In short, this bike is a fast forward, showing us the vehicle technology we’ll be interacting with in 5-15 years time.

The chance of IZH picking up this concept and putting it into production is rather minimal, however Chak has shown extraordinary and remarkably forward thinking design talent. We can only hope that KTM, Ducati, Aprilla, BMW or some other large manufacturer picks up the concept and runs with it, at the very least it would be great to see certain elements of the design make it into production.

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Via BikeExif and Igor Chak

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Michael Keesler

When they are available for sale, I’d love to sell them here. Please put me on the list.

Even if it is just a render, its ideas like this that help begining bike builders going forward.


actually sir, can u clearly say the hybrid transmission and also which type of hybrid method is this????

Kljuc Mirsad

I am huge fan of this bike. If we would only have the looks of the frame-chasiss i can bet that i could fit yamaha r6 2012 engine on it. I have 5 axis cnc and i can mill the whole thing in aluminum. Too bad there is no frame pictures.

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