Tesla Promises That New Models Are Coming Soon(ish)

Elon Musk, the uniquely named CEO of Tesla Motors, took the time to reassure investors and potential customers last Thursday that Tesla is working on more than just the Model S that is due to hit the road in 2012. With the current model, the Tesla Roadster due to cease production in 2012, many have wondered whether the team at Tesla had anything else up their sleeves, Musk put this speculation to rest by explaining that they are working on a crossover vehicle and a number of other models that will roll out between one and three years after the introduction of the Model S.

Many have been hoping to hear news like this ever since clapping eyes on the $50,000 Model S, a shorter wheelbase version of the Model S with more focus on performance would be an astonishingly tempting motorcar. The kind of car you sell your house for. I’m not saying this is what they are working on, but hey, they are going to need to replace the hole left in their line up by the departure of the Roadster with something, so why not a convertible 2 door Model S?

The crossover vehicle that Musk mentioned is interesting, anyone who knows anything about America knows that Americans love big SUV’s. A lot. So a 100% electric suv built by Tesla would be a popular car almost without question, especially in states like California.

A lot of observers have pointed out that introducing a number of new models in such a relatively short time frame is a significant feat, and questioned whether the team at Tesla is up to the task. I think it’s important to remember that Tesla is the electric car company that is actually selling electric cars (not just talking about it), over a thousand of them at last count have been sold in over 25 countries. Tesla Motors do have what it takes to get cars from the concept stage to the showroom floor, whether they can produce and sell multiple models will be a step up from where they are now but it is a significantly smaller step than going from concept to final product.

Tesla is also being relied upon by automotive industry greats like Daimler AG (NYSE:DAI – who currently own an 8% stake in the company) to provide battery systems and electric drive expertise for the upcoming electric version of the Smart Car and the Mercedes A-Class both due in Europe later this year.

Do you think Tesla can produce multiple unique models in this short (by automotive industry standards) time frame?

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Oh hell yes! If they could get something on the road for around 30k I’d be all over it. The roadster is a great car but over 100k is freakin mad money.

Elon Musk is the poster boy for gettin’ ‘er done in the face of conservative naysaying. Tesla Motors will undoubtedly do what they say. They are to GM what Microsoft was to IBM. As the only constant is change I dare big auto and the oil barons to dig in your heels for a fight with the future and prepare to have your arms ripped off.

Brian Z Jones

Not a thinker/reader, are ya joeanon?

The point is to use high-dollar/high-margin vehicles to fund the future low-dollar/high-volume ventures. This is how Porsche runs – one of the most profitable auto mfgs in the world.

You are correct in your premise of ppl with 6-figure incomes not caring about gas prices. They are, however, highly brand-aware & style-dependant. They won’t buy an ugly elec. vehicle, no matter the fuel savings. They will spend a ton of cash to be ‘hip’. And this is the heart of Tesla’s brand plan.

Now they build the “Tesla” (BMW) brand, and in the future, they build the… I don’t know, “Edison” (Mini) brand. The scale will keep the ‘entry-level’ brand alive, while the margins on the high-end keep them profitable.


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