Best Buy To Sell Electric Cars

Best Buy (NYSE: BBY) North America’s largest electronics retailer has announced plans to begin selling electric cars from its stores across the United States. The chain of retail outlets is already selling Brammo Enertia electric motorcycles along side its flat panel tvs, computers and other assorted electronic consumer goods and it will be interesting to see how the retail giant sets about adding electric cars sales to its

product line up.

The announcement was made during an interview with Leo Raudys, Best Buy’s senior director of environmental affairs. He was quoted as saying “We are very serious about the business, electric cars are basically computers on wheels. We expect to play a big part in it.”. Although we disagree with his assertion that electric cars are just computers on wheels, it can’t be a bad thing that such a retail giant is preparing to step up to the plate begin sales of as yet unannounced models of electric cars.

We’ll keep you updated with further news as it comes in, in the meantime, what do you think of this announcement?

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Via MarketWatch


I like that BB will take part in helping to bring electric cars, and motorcycles, into the mainstream.

Sears sold the Henry J in the late 1940s. However, an electric car should have far less maintenance and mechanical problems in the 20th Century.

Big stick

This is a disaster in the works. Who thinks of going to an electronics to buy a car?

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